Becoming a Business Payment Customer


Why No.1 Currency?

We are an international business payments specialist.
Our business payment solution is deployed using the latest technology. We aim to make life as convenient and easy as possible so that you can concentrate on running your business. Our treasury team is continually seeking the best exchange rates in the market, enabling us to pass savings onto our clients.

We have many clients of all sizes, all over the Pacific using and benefiting from our service.

We believe our service is superior to the banks, so get in touch with one of the team today to find out more.

Features & Benefits

Secure login
Our system is designed to be safe and secure, only allowing authorised people within your company to access the Portal. You may have as many users as you require with their specific login details, ensuring any activity on the system will be logged against their name. We have also allowed for a hierarchy of approvers and user limits. User levels place restrictions on each user, making sure the decision makers are ultimately the people who commit to the transactions.

Quick and easy to use
All your payees are loaded onto the Portal, then you can select a product, select a foreign currency, select your payee, approve the exchange rate and complete the transaction. The system will email you a confirmation of the transaction for your records.

Local service
We have a local representative in your country who is happy to discuss our service and arrange a visit to your offices to demonstrate the product. Arrange for us to call on you today.

Reports and payment history
You can view every payment you have made. Reports show the exchange rate we quoted, the FX amount you purchased and the local settlement amount including the fees, your payees delivery details and the date and time of the transaction.

We aim to make settlement with us as easy as possible and have a number of settlement options available to meet your needs.

Delivery of funds to your payee
Your payee will receive confirmation that a payment is on its way.